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The International Association of Professional Birth Photographers Code of Ethics is intended to encourage and preserve the integrity of the birth photography industry.


  • I will exhibit professional conduct at all times.  This includes interactions with clients, peers, medical professionals, birth team members, support staff, administration and others.  I will remember that in each interaction I am the face of the birth photography industry.

  • I will follow all hospital and birth center rules and regulations.


  • I will be honest and kind to clients, peers and other birth professionals.


  • I have backup gear when shooting birth photography.

  • I carry appropriate insurance for my business.

  • I am accountable to my clients.  I abide by my contract in regards to being on call, image delivery and archiving.


  • Copyright infringement is strictly prohibited.  This includes both image theft and plagiarism.

  • I have the appropriate business license in accordance with my local laws and regulations.

  • I pay tax in accordance with my local, state, and national laws.

  • I utilize legal contracts with all clients at all times to protect both my business and my clients.

  • Discrimination on the basis of race, sex, religion, age, disability or other factors is strictly prohibited.


  • I show respect for the birth space at all times.  This includes respecting the birth choices a family makes, the birth team, care providers, location rules and family members involved.

  • understand that the job of the medical staff is a higher priority than getting a particular photograph.


  • I provide my clients with confidentiality in accordance to our contract agreements at all times. I make sure I have permission before sharing and video or photograph.


Rebecca L. Edmonson

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